The Shadow
The shadow gives presence to that which is absent.
The shadow is considered an extension of the object that casts it.
(…) This second I, transparent, is identical to or connected with its soul or vital force.*
We have a new concept, obscurity isn’t seen as the absence of light, but rather as a positive substance in itself.
Photography certifies the presence in the absence.
It transforms shadow into a mark, thus giving it duration.
Photography lives in the world of the imagination, and positioning itself in the labyrinth of interior depths it thus becomes a poetic dream.  It abandons traditional categories of logic because like the prisoner in Plato’s shadow-world cave it knows that to achieve its dream of ascension and transcendence, it must free itself from “seeing acquired habits and mental approaches as absolutes and definitive”.
* Rudolf Arnheim, Art and Perception
Gabriele Agostin

New dead line  20th March 2022 

Exhibition from 5 to 12 April 2022 


The selected 

Paola Francesca Barone, Valentina Bellomo, Chiara Benzi, Simona Caprioli, Cecchi Alberto, Como Silvia, Mihaela Conti, Gianluca Coppeto, Stefania Cuozzo, Costanza de Felicis, Floreanging Lucilla, Christopher Fluder, Fabia Fragano, Giulia Gandin, Rachel Goeman Zeynep Kaban, Alberto Lucarelli, Angela Lucari, Roberta Manzin, Marco Marcone, Anna Nagy, Sabine Nigel, Paola Panatta, Stelvio Peti, Simone Sabbioni, Giordana Sesini, Giovanni Paolo Stalloni,  Szabina Péter, Davies Zambotti.


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